Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I took the month of January off from Facebook and never missed it once.

2. I go to bed at 10pm! (Used to be like 1-2am)

3. I always laugh at that commercial where the dad has the T-Mobile phone and the family plan but says "Sorry theres a no Derrick's with mustaches clause in the contract. Ohhhh, what a drag DUDE."

4. I love watching American Idol and trying to imagine what they're feeling as they audition.

5. I can do DMV transactions for members at the AAA in Palo Alto.

6. I know how to make lumpia. (After I made them like Steve made them.)

7. There isn't much more interesting stuff about me that people don't already know from my Facebook or blog.

8. One of my favorite authors is Dean Koontz.

9. Right now I'm reading One Door Away From Heaven by Dean Koontz (Then I'll start Twilight)

10. Pizza Rolls rock! (Haven't had them in a few months...)

11. If I start listening to music on my computer, I can get lost in the music.

12. I love searching for indie artists on amiestreet.com

13. The first scary movie I ever saw was Scream and I loved it.

14. I've never seen any of the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

15. I started out hating coffee, now I drink it black.

16. My guitar needs new strings and a new battery (ok so that's about my guitar, but it implies that I am a procrastinator)

17. I have a dentist appointment for Feb 19th.

18. I haven't been to the dentist in 3 years.

19. I have never had, nor will I ever have a cavity.

20. I can't believe I haven't seen the 2nd X-Files movie yet. Shame on me.

21. I'm growing my hair out.

22. I can look straight with one eye and cross-eyed with the other at the same time.

23. My favorite album right now is Rock What You Got by Superchick

24. I gotta go to work tomorrow and that is awesome.

25. I'm a child of God. :D

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