Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sick as a Pig-Faced Dog - a true Jen blog (random)

Sorry, Facebook readers, I accidentally published this post by hitting the Enter button before I had even typed anything... So a note is going to post with this picture and the title "Sick as a Pig-" (kinda funny). This is us setting up our new tent on the lawn at our apt. complex. We are super excited! :D

Anyway, I have a cold. I got it from Steve. He's spent a few days at home and now I am hoping I am better by tomorrow for work. Work is going pretty well for me at AAA. Although I had a dream last night that I got laid off because I went to get a copy of something and fell asleep and my client in travel (of which I am not an agent) left! We were living back in Linden and it was really weird. But I wasn't worried about it because I *knew* in my dream that it was o.k. - you know how you *know* things in your dreams?

Dreams are cool. I have lots of dreams. Most of the waking ones involve music and nature and travel. Most of the sleeping ones do too but in a more abstract way. Working on a couple songs right now and wondering if I should ever copyright my songs (since they really aren't mine, but God's... and if someone steals them - isn't that a form of flattery?).

Steve is still praying and looking for a position at a church in the youth/young adult area. Currently in the process is Highlands in Paso Robles, CA. Thanks for your prayers if you read this.

"If the road I'm on falls out from under me, walk with me..." JE

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