Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Time

I can't believe I'm pregnant. So I'll probably blah blah blah here about exciting baby news as we journey along. Just the funny or interesting things like how I've been going to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 exhausted and didn't know why... I guess one good thing might be I've also been waking up at 5am wide a-stupid-wake. That will come in handy. So I'm out walking Dot. She is going to be so jealous. Hey check this out:

Danger elevator barrier

Is that the Monopoly cop? They are repairing or replacing one elevator at a time at our apartments. Apparently one barrier was not enough. The one behind it says OTIS on it along with the warning. Name the movie!! 

Well, my original post was written yesterday at 6:45am but didn't load and then disappeared so who knows what I was rambling about. And you don't even know the frustration I went through to upload that photo to Google Blogger from my iPhone. (ok that statement was ridiculous) Yay Flickr and HTML save the day! Blogger Press Lite wasn't working. And my laptop came down with a nice case of The Blue Screen of Death. If you know what I mean then you feel my pain. I am SO not complaining. It's just life where we are at right now. Some day we will live in a cabin in the woods and chop firewood for the cook stove and have to drive into town to make a phone call. Someday. You can come visit and sleep in our loft with the fire downstairs crackling and putting us to sleep.

Oh ya. We were on our way to breakfast in Milpitas then hit Great Mall for some shopping. 

Aaaaand we're off! (to more adventures than we have ever known. Too bad we never wrote our book, "We Don't Have Kids, but You're Doing it Wrong." ha ha ha just kidding. I know, I know, we'll see....)


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