Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking the train

Soooo... when you carpool from work to Sunnyvale for dinner and Campbell for dessert, you are very tired at the end of the night and you forget to pick up your car in Palo Alto before you head home to San Mateo. Then, when you are looking for your car in the morning you are lucky that you remember where your car is before your husband leaves for work so he can drop you off in Hillsdale to catch the bullet to University Ave!

Ok so maybe you aren't, but I am :)

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Testing out the old uploaded

Testing, testing, blog 23. This is a mini-micro blog to see if this
works. Steve and I had fun today shopping at Hillsdale and having CPK
for dinner. Dot is munching on a candy cane rawhide that is sweet
potato flavored. Steve just started his first blog.I'm so proud.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Blogging While Sick...

Well, the last post here was done while I was sick, so I see no reason not to do it again. I've had a cold/flu for about a week now. It's been mostly a fever with uncontrollable coughing Saturday, Sunday and today since I toughed it through the throat and nose stuff at work last week.

As I was walking Dot, who refuses to use the toilet for some reason, I paused momentarily. Bundled in hat and scarf on the sidewalk, breathing in the fresh cool breeze between wheezes, I saw a jogger through the trees in the park. Heard people in their apartments vacuuming. Smelled warm homey aromas of dinner stewing.

The days pass
if I don't write
you won't know
that I was thinking

I'm in a rut. People ask "what's new?" And I say "nothing, just working and sleeping." And it's pretty much true. There's not much new going on. One tiny thing that's different is that I'm working in a different department at AAA. I am now officially an insurance adviser. I help you manage your auto/home/flood/earthquake and personal umbrella insurance. It's very exciting, and if you know me, you know I love to learn new things.

Right now I'm watching a show about Free Masons on the History Channel. I'm also currently reading a novel called The Templar Legacy. Very interesting. There's so much stuff out there to know, it's mind boggling. I want to know about science and history and I want to create art and music. I want to grow vegetables and cook delicious cuisine. There's computers and philosophy and I want to do it all. My mind gets boggled and I stick to the two year plan of getting out of debt. Work and sleep, work and sleep. Nothing new, not yet.

'round the rock
trees the park
i walk the dog i walk the dog
'round the rock
trees the park
i walk the dog i walk the dog
past the rock
and trees that bark
i walk the dog i walk the dog
past the rock
and trees the dark
i walk the dog i walk the dog

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